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Advertising Program

W3text allows you to reach more people, in the quickest time possible with the least amount of lost information. Anything else your business is leaving money on the table.

Connect with real people.

Thousands of people use We offer a niche demographic, based mostly on the fact that we offer a unique service and innovative features.

Reach a wider variety of people all over the world

We have users in Canada, the United States & the Caribbean to name a few places.

Have exposure, whenever you want, wherever you want

We can help you design the ad campaign that best suits your needs. W3text allows you to run text messaging campaigns as well as internet campaigns. Household cell phone penetration is at an all time high, there are over 5 billion cell phone subscribers world wide. The time is now, for your business to get in front of this untapped market.

Reach your target audience

Target users based on country, region, city, age group or gender. You can also run a general campaign.

Have a cost effective way to market your services

We offer pay per impression (CPM) ads. Contact our sales team for ad rates OR w3text/sales