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To The Worlds Largest NETWORK


1. Send a text msg to one person

  • Apointment Reminders
  • Personalized info
  • All you need is receivers cell phone number or their textbox

2. Send a text msg to many people

  • Group alerts/updates
  • Promotions
  • Contests
  • Up coming events

3. Create Unlimited sub pages

By default, all the profile headers can be accessed. For example yourbrand/location or yourbrand/hours

You can also create as many sub pages as you need. For example yourbrand/contest or yourbrand/sales

Seperate information onto pages that makes sense

Direct communication to proper channel

4. Create additional names

Your first textbox if free

You can purchase as many additional ones as you like for $1 CAD/year

Seperate business from pleasure

Manage different campaigns

5. Set up Text messaging auto responders

The information stored in your profile can be retrieved via a text message.

The content comes from the "TEXT BIO"

Default content comes from the profile header fields

  • Reach More people
  • Instant response
  • Ensure your message gets read and read in full

6. Build contact lists

The recipient can subscribe to your textbox by replying YES

7. Segment contact lists

Once they subscribe to your textbox you can then prompt for more engagement using a different textbox and they can be put on a different list

This is permission based

  • Qualify leads
  • Engage at the most appropiate frequency
  • Target the right users